1) No more reliance upon entropy





A New Thermodynamics

By Kent W. Mayhew
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New Thermodynamics is based upon: 
What else differentiates  New Thermodynamics from the Old Versions ? 

2) Expanding systems must do work (PdV) onto the atmosphere as defined by the first law of thermodynamics. And this is irreversible i.e. it is lost work! This concept was first published by this author in the journal Physics Essays in 2015 




1) Intermolecular collisions are no longer considered as being elastic. The concept of kinetic theory being based upon inelastic collisions has been challenged and published by this author in Journal: Progress in Physics (April 2018 & July 2017)




2) Entropy based second law becomes a false postulate




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3) Constructive logic onto which a mathematical construct is formulated. 




Few experts realize that accepted thermodynamics is not based upon constructive logic, rather it is based upon an elaborate mathematical construct to which we are continually try to put logic to i.e. often it is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole! NO wonder the true meaning of thermodynamic entropy still lacks clarity!
Seemingly our indoctrination prevents most from accepting the above.
Would we not be better served by devising a logic and only then determining the math that fits that logic?  
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