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Blog: Dynamical Interpretation of the Second Law

By Kent W. Mayhew


 Second Law: Dynamical Interpretation
``In the late 1860`s both Maxwell and Causius attempted to derive the second law of thermodynamics from mechanics, in an approach known as the dynamical interpretation of the second law. In thsi approach  the dynamics of individual molecules were followed in hope that it would lend itself to explaining the second law. Maxwell refuted this approach as a matter of principle  because the simple yet powerful newton laws of motion as well as Maxcwell`s electromagnetic fields are completely reversible.Consequentially the irreversibility implicit to the second law cannot be explained by dynamical theory. The second law can only be understood  as a statement based upon the statidstical analysis of an immensde number of molecules`` (quote taken from book by Longair (1))
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I found the above quite interesting. Certainly if those 19th centuiry greta minds only realized that lost work is the work required to displace our atmosphere and this alone explains why so many useful processes are irreversible. Furthermore such an understanding would have enabled us to avoid such complex considerations.
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 Of course one might ponder would have Boltzmann even thought of his brilliant math. Of course we must now realize that there will be ramification to Boltzmann`s math, like the number odf accessible can no longer be considered as a function of volume, i.e, get rid of any conceptual relation between randomness and energy.  
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Reference used herein
1) M.S. Longair: ``Theoretical concepts in physics: An alternative view of theoretical reasoning in physics`Cambridge University Press 2003
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