A New Thermodynamics

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19) Reversibility
By Kent W. Mayhew


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A new look at the Rankine cycle
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20) Rankine Cycle
We discuss what makes some systems reversible
21) Real Engine
A new look at the diesel cycle
22) Joules experiment & Ideal gas paradox
A new look at the ideal gas and Joules
23) Traditional Consideration of Temperature
We will discuss why this traditional consideration of temperature is absurd
24) Why relations are proportional to Temperature
We will discuss why energy relations are proportional to temperature
25) Implications to the First Law
We will discuss the limtations of Avogadros hypothesis along with kinetic theory, ideal gas law.
At issue is consevation of momentum vs conservation of kinetic energy
26) Limitations of Avogadros Hypothesis
We will discuss the implications to how we write the first law
27) Global warming and lost work
We will discuss the implication of lost work on global warming
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28) Status of thermodynamics: Like a computer
Similarities between computers and thermodynamics: Complications of the simple